Design + Animation


During late 2016 I had the pleasure to work on the Sony Production Movie Passengers as part of the Design Team at MPC London.

I was involved in the concept, design and animation for various graphics from hero storytelling screens to background screens.

It has been a challenging quick turnaround during the Post Production of the film, with many assets to deliver in a short amount of time, but still a great experience thanks to an amazing team. 

Graphics Montage courtesy of MPC Design.





Studio - Sony Pictures

Director - Morten Tyldum

Production VFX Supervisor - Eric Nordby

Design Company - MPC Design

VFX Producer - Russell Forde

Creative Director MPC Design - Ryan Jefferson Hays

Design Team - Andrea Braga, Gordon Spurs, Ian Sargent, James Brocklebank, Matthew Campbell, William Lanham, James, McIver, Florian Thamer