Design + Animation



As part of the Spov team I worked for several months creating Screen Graphics for the latest Mission Impossible movie.

I was involved in the concept, design and animation for various shots.

Responsible for different screens and styles I had not only to design and animate myself but also direct other animators to complete dozens of shots in a short period of time.

Here a collection of some of the graphics I designed and animated.




Design Company - Spov

Animation Producer - Emma Middlemiss

Animation Production Manager - Dan Higgot

Animation Leads - Andrea Braga, Ryan Hays, Kieran Gee-Finch

Animators - Adam Roche, Agnes Kasilovska, Steven Schultz Bussey, Mantas Grigaitis

Final Comping - Double Negative

BMW Hand Scan Graphics (click to enlarge)

Glasses Boot-Up Sequence (click to enlarge)

Record Store Hand Scan Overlays (click to enlarge)

Taurus Control Room Screens

Ethan's Laptop Interface