Design + Animation


In Spring 2016 I was invited to work with Spov on Life during the pre-production of the movie. It was a great project to be involved with as the brief was to create a multitude of realistic looking screens for the International Space Station (ISS). The screens included Laptops, Tablets and Chassis Monitors as part of the station console.

I was involved in the concept, design and animation for various screens and I also helped developing the look of the alien Calvin under the microscope.

Here a collection of screens I developed and designed.

Graphics Montage courtesy of Spov.



Design Company - Spov

Producer - Emma Middlemiss

Design & Animation Leads - Paul Hunt, Andrea Braga

Animators - Paul Hunt, Andrea Braga, Agnes Kasilovska, Susanna Basone


Vitals Graphics

Zvedza Console Laptop Graphics

Tranquility Laptop Graphics

Calvin Look Development

Tranquility Chassis Monitor Graphics