Direction + Design + Animation



As Creative and Design Director I had the very great pleasure to lead the incredible team of artists at Spov for the latest Call of Duty franchise game Black Ops 4.

We were briefed to create 10 unique sequences to introduce each of the Specialists and their abilities.To compliment these, an additional 7 videos for each Multiplayer Mode were created to showcase the latest gameplay modes.

Above is a Montage of the Sequences and here you can watch all the ten sequences:

06. Nomad

07. Recon

08. Torque

09. Crash

10. Ajax

01. Ruin

02. Seraph

03. Firebreak

04. Battery

05. Prophet


Client - Activision / Treyarch

Design Company - Spov

Creative & Design Director - Andrea Braga

Design Leads - James Brocklebank, Miles Christensen

3D & Comp Lead - Mantas Grigaitis

3D & FX Lead - Julio Dean

3D Team - Marcel Piekarski, Jim Greenslade, Marco Gifuni

2D Animation - Luis Ribeiro, Pedro Cyrne, Samantha Thompson, Kieran Gee-Finch, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan

Character Animation Lead - Tammy Smith

Character Animation - Mindwalk Studios, Jason Kotey

FX and Simulations - Javier Verdugo, Xevi Polo, Adam Roche

2D Design - Khairul 'Keko' Ahmed, Yugen Blake

Production - Gerri McCarthy, Samia Ahmed

Sound Design - Zelig Sound

Music - Treyarch

Montage Edit - Andrea Braga

Montage Music - Zelig Sound

Look Development